We offer 20 exercise classes every week from pilates and yoga to aqua aerobics and pump. Classes are complimentary for in-house guests and members.

Bookings are essential for all classes - email health.fitness@millbrook.co.nz to confirm your spot.

 Day  Morning    Evening
Monday 8.00am Yoga (Vinyasa) - Rachel

9.00am Yoga (Vinyasa) - Rachel
9.00am Aqua Aerobics - Ana Maria   6.00pm Pilates - Sam
Tuesday 8:15am Pump Up - Louise 9.30am Millbrook Stretch - Natasha 6.00pm Yoga (Hatha) - Kaja
Wednesday 8am Pilates - Beth

9am Pilates - Patricia
9.00am Aqua Aerobics - Ana Maria 

Thursday 8.00am Yoga (Hatha) - Mark 9.00am Yoga (Hatha) - Mark  6.00pm Pilates - Samantha
Friday 8.15am Pump Up - Louise 

9.30am Yoga (Vinyasa) - Rachel
9.00am Aqua Aerobics - Ana Maria   
Saturday 8.00am Pilates - Patricia (all levels)

9.00am Pilates - Patricia (all levels)
10.00am Aqua Aerobics - Rachel  
Sunday 9.00am Yoga (Vinyasa) - Kaja 10.00am Yoga (Hatha) - Kaja  


Email to book a class Call +64 3 441 7017 to book a class

Please use the main carpark in front of the Resort reception area.  The small carpark opposite the tennis court and playground is for in-house and dining guests only.