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Millbrook Resort supports 'Art with Heart'

Wed, 16th Mar 2011

Media Release from Millbrook Resort March 16, 2011 Millbrook Resort supports ‘Art with Heart’

Leading New Zealand and international artists are coming together to raise funds for the Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake appeal.

The ‘who’s who’ of the New Zealand art scene are donating pieces for an auction called ‘Art With Heart’ to be held at Queenstown’s exclusive Millbrook Resort later this month.

Artist and organiser Ed Cruikshank said the response to the auction from the country’s art community had been nothing short of “amazing”.

“The generosity of spirit shown by artists who are giving up pieces that they may have spent months creating, is humbling,” he said.

“The focus is on raising funds for our friends in Christchurch, but anyone who comes along to the auction could walk away with a unique piece at a great price.

“Works at the auction are likely to go for anything from as little as $500 up to $30,000, and we’re hoping to raise close to $100,000 in total.”

Artists whose works will be auctioned at the event include Garrick Tremain, Jane Pestell-Litton, Peter Beadle, Russell McLean, Max Gimblett, Gretchen Albrecht, Dick Frizzell (via Toi o Tahuna), Shane Woolridge, Gilbert and George (via Lee Fletcher), Ernie Maluschnig, Rachael Errington, Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford, Christine Hill, Alan Waters, and Dan Kelly.

Millbrook Marketing Manager Matthew Gould said interest in the auction from guests and Millbrook Country Club members who had already heard about the event was “absolutely huge”.

“We are already getting international calls requesting information on the pieces,” he said.

“Millbrook is extremely happy to support this event in any way we can, and we’re uploading images of the artworks for auction and details of the artists to our Millbrook website as they come to hand.

“Anyone is welcome to attend the event, organize to phone bids in or contact us if they would like any more information.”

‘Art with Heart’ will be held at the Millhouse Conference Centre on Friday March 25th. Viewing will be from 5pm, canapés and bubbles will be served from 6pm, and the auction will follow at 7pm.

The auctioneer will be David Murray of Bayleys Queenstown. He was born and raised in Christchurch, still has family there and is deeply connected to the Christchurch community.

All proceeds will go to the Red Cross appeal. To view information on the artworks and artists go to

Picture captions:

  1. Ground Relief (Oct 2010) by artist Ernie Maluschnig. Piece in stainless steel influenced by the Canterbury earthquake of September 2010
  2. ‘1821 Canterbury’ by artist Ed Cruikshank. A revolving table in black walnut and gun-blued steel.

For more information call

Matthew Gould: 021 616 007

Ed Cruikshank: 0274 413 434


Artist - Ed Cruikshank. Auction item – ‘1821 Canterbury’. This is a revolving table in black walnut and gun-blued steel.  Height 740mm x diameter 1821mm.

This is a unique piece with an indented Braille inscription that reads: ‘Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope. Love can outlast anything. It stands still when all else has fallen.’

Born in Widnes England in 1965, Ed Cruikshank trained in fine cabinet making and industrial furniture design before working with Viscount Linley at the prestigious LINLEY Company in London from 1993 to 2001.
After moving to New Zealand in 2002, he founded CRUIKSHANK Furniture in Queenstown with a vision to create exceptional furniture that endures and increases in character with use and the passage of time. His meticulously considered and precisely constructed commissions range from unique objects to complete interiors and architectural concepts for a private individuals, corporate customers and public galleries around the world.

Artist - Jane Pestell-Litton. Auction item – ‘Open for Business’. This is a 2010 framed limited edition print.

Contemporary Australian artist and Queenstown property owner Jane Pestell-Litten is represented in national and international  private and corporate collections.  She was a selected finalist in the Australian National Black Swan Portrait Prize (2009,2010), a finalist in the South Australian Limestone Art Prize(2009), an entrant in the Australian Archibald Prize (2010, 2011) and the Sulman figurative prize (2010). Specialising in figurative and portraiture, her work is oil on linen. Up and coming exhibitions are to be held in Traffic Jam Galleries in Neutral Bay in NSW (July 2011 and September 2012) and Gadfly Gallery Dalkeith Western Australia (2012).

Artist - Peter Beadle. He is working on a piece specifically for Art for Heart

Peter Beadle (ONZM) is one of New Zealand's leading landscape painters.
Peter lives in the Wakatipu Basin near Queenstown which is located in the heart of New Zealand's most magnificent scenery - the majestic Southern Alps, the rainforests of Fiordland, the parched ‘dry lands’ of Central Otago and the golden tussock country of the Mount Cook region. He has a spiritual affinity to these places which finds expression in the mystical light often seen in his paintings. He travels the world working on commissions for clients.

Arrowtown photographic artist Russell McLean has this to say about his works.

 “The images I have crafted all depict a place in time as I saw it. Would others have seen it the same way at the same time? Probably not. But I saw it that way and in sharing my images I open the door to the unique (even though the subject matter is commonplace), for it will never be exactly the same ever again. I subscribe to the thought that neither the camera nor the digital darkroom ultimately determines the value and quality of an image – it is the visual perception of the photographer which generates interest and evokes response.”

Artist - Max Gimblett. Auction item to be confirmed (Donated by Nadene Milne Gallery)

Born in Auckland in 1935, Max Gimblett has made New York his home for the past thirty years. Gimblett has exhibited extensively since the mid-1970s with his work shown internationally in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Spain and held as a consequence in major collections, both public and private, throughout the world.
Max Gimblett’s work consists largely of object based paintings in a variety of shapes – the oval, rectangle, circle, square, and most well know, the quatrefoil. The surfaces combine the use of acrylic paints and resins with precious metals such as gold, silver, moon gold and copper as he explores the multiplicity of meanings attached to such revered materials and forms.

Artist - Gretchen Albrecht. Auction item to be confirmed (Donated by Nadene Milne Gallery)

Gretchen Albrecht has exhibited in New Zealand and internationally for more than 35 years. Recent work has appeared in Valencia, Spain as part of the exhibition Ultramarte at the Casa Museo Benlliure, and throughout New Zealand in the group exhibition Diaspora: Pluralism and Singularity and the survey exhibition Returning, initiated by the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

Artist - Dick Frizzell.  Auction item to be confirmed (Donated by Toi o Tahuna)

Dick Frizzell worked as a commercial artist after graduating from the University of Canterbury in 1964. This introduced him to the notion of art making as a profession. It also placed him within the environment from which much of his imagery has evolved. Frizzell’s art is humorous yet touching, with a love for the advertisements, billboards and posters from the 1950s and 1960s, such as the Four-Square Man, that are familiar to many New Zealanders.
This was later followed with an exhibition based upon his appropriation of the Tiki in paintings that reinvented this symbol in Cubist and Art Deco style.. Frizzell has received considerable recognition from the art institutions in New Zealand and in 1997 was the subject of a major retrospective exhibition toured by the City Gallery Wellington.

Artist - Shane Woolridge. Auction item - He is working on a piece specifically for Art for Heart

Shane Woolridge is an Arrowtown-based artist who pushes the boundaries of local and acquired schist stone to create stunning sculptures. Drawing inspiration from the local environment, combined with a unique and intriguing perspective, and with incredible skill and balance, Shane creates awe-inspiring pieces of varying scale.

Artist - Gilbert & George. Auction item - Framed Exhibition Poster signed by artists (Donated by Lee Fletcher)

Jack Freak Pictures is, to date, the largest series of work created by Gilbert & George. The Jack Freak Pictures are said to be among the most iconic, philosophically astute and visually violent works that Gilbert & George have ever created. The Union Jack and Gilbert & George are the two dominant pictorial images - appearing contorted, abstracted, and sometimes complete. The entire series is set in the East End of London indicated by flags, maps, street signs, graffiti and other less obvious motifs such as brickwork and foliage that can be found there.

Artist - Ernie Maluschnig. Auction item - Ground Relief (Oct 2010) Stainless Steel 660mm x 650mm x 200mm Influenced by the Canterbury earthquake September 2010

Ernie Maluschnig has had a lifelong relationship with metals. As a child he helped his father, an Austrian watchmaker and jeweller. He trained and worked as a fitter and welder, and in 1997 he established Metalworks Wanaka, a business known for creative fine design and craftsmanship.
He gains satisfaction from creating visually successful tactile forms from materials which are technically challenging and unforgiving.
Ernie has completed public and private commissions nationally and internationally and is invited to exhibit regularly. His current work includes responses to the Central Otago Landscape he lives in.

Artist - Rachael Errington. Auction item – Autumn Turning 2010. 1300mm x 1500mm (Donated through Artbay Gallery)

Rachael Errington is a Queenstown-based artist and illustrator. She also studied graphic design, printmaking, photography and textiles. Rachael loves creative writing, and has been actively involved with varied projects.

Artist - Garrick Tremain. Auction item to be confirmed.

Garrick Tremain is highly regarded as both a painter and New Zealand's funniest and most perceptive political cartoonist. A New Zealander by birth, he was a city child who wished he'd been a country kid. Consequently he left school to work on farms and sheep stations. It was here, in the smoko rooms and shearing sheds that his drawing ability first raised eyebrows, and he returned to the city to test his suspected talent in commercial art studios. For ten years he climbed the advertising ladder before deciding he could best combine his love of art and the rural environment by becoming a landscape painter. Since 1972 he has been a full time professional painter and in 1988 decided to add the string of political cartooning to his bow. When time allows he takes respite from the easel at the piano or on the golf course.

Artists - Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford.  Auction item to be confirmed.

Mike Langford has 30 years’ experience as an international professional photographer and has lectured and given workshops to professional photographers for 20 years. He is a passionate and patient teacher to all levels of photography and through all the photographic disciplines including landscape, portraiture, architecture and commercial photography. He has published over 20 books, with more to come. |
Multi award-winning landscape art photographer Jackie Ranken began her photography career at age 16. She is now an International judge and lecturer.. She considers her ‘art’ to be classic black and white landscape photography, where the 'fine art print' is the most important end result of the photographic process.

Artist - Dan Kelly. He is working on a piece specifically for Art for Heart

Dan’s career platform as a highly regarded, multi-faceted designer and sculptor was forged when he won the very first Wearable Art Show in Nelson.
Self- taught, and based in Glenorchy, a short drive from Queenstown, Dan has worked to commissioned orders for 20 years. Initially, his style was described as a ‘sort of Doctor Zeus style’. Each piece commands the viewer to take notice, and as the sculpture is formed, so is the personality of the creature.
Recycled materials feature in many of Dan’s sculptures, with a variety of mediums such as sheet brass, copper and rusty steel. These mediums are shaped, welded, manipulated, aged, then finally vertigreed.
Big on imagination, correct proportion and honest construction, his inspiration for the use of these different mediums is a result of ongoing work on feature films.

Artist - Christine Hill. Auction item -  Ferry Hill, Walter and Cecil Peak.  Oil on Canvas Framed 860x700

Christine Hill spent her formative years in West Yorkshire, England
She studied Art and Design at Huddersfield School of Art and graduated with a Diploma of Fine Art and Art Teaching at Sheffield College of Art. She taught for three years in Britain before emigrating to New Zealand in1964 to take an art teaching position at Whangarei Girls High School.
Christine has always been inspired by the vibrant clear light of the antipodes; a huge contrast to the drab vistas of the industrial north of England in the early 60's The intense colours of her adopted homeland have been reflected in her art works ever since. She has lived in the Wakatipu since 1991,and has held exhibitions of her paintings in New Zealand and Australia .  

Artist – Alan Waters. Auction item to be confirmed.

Alan is well-known throughout New Zealand and abroad as a major artist. He consistently produces a wide-ranging variety of scenes and images which often defy logic as well as challenge the viewer’s perceptions.