Introducing our newest love!

We are welcoming a brand new addition to the health & fitness timetable this April - the elegant and energetic Barre Warrior class. A practice that leaves you with a sense of grace (dance element), mental well-being (yoga element) and physical strength (pilates+cardio). Basically it's the work out for the warrior prince/princess within.

Barre Warrior at Millbrook Resort

What is it exactly?

Made up of a unique blend of pilates, yoga and dance training techniques, movements are broken down into steps that anyone can do. (That's right - no prior dance experience is necessary.) 

Barre Warrior is the perfect training for developing a sculpted dancers physique, with long, lean refined muscles. The emphasis on yoga ensures effective use of breath with movement, rejuvenating your mind as well as your body. Barre Warrior is a place of serious work-out and it's a place that you can connect to your inner fire and physical freedom.

Barre Warrior at Millbrook Resort2

Barre Warrior at Millbrook Resort4

Meet Amber

Amber Stephens is passionate about teaching Yoga, Barre, Dance and Pilates. Barre Yoga began as a studio in Auckland and continues in Queenstown and across NZ as Barre Warrior, a licensed fitness program. Amber begun movement training at age 4 with ballet, and at 13 years she developed her yoga practice. Since then Amber has enjoyed a professional career in dance where she has enjoyed over 10 years performing and choreographing, alongside teaching yoga, dance and barre in Europe and New Zealand. Amber has also managed studios and taught extensively in Australia.

Barre Warrior at Millbrook Resort3

Amber is a strong advocate for knowledgeable, sound teaching with masses of enthusiasm. No matter what your level or your physical goals, Amber is dedicated to assisting you to get there.

Embrace your inner warrior and sign up to our exciting new fitness classes today! ​View our Health & Fitness timetable here.

​Please note: The timetable will include our new Barre Warrior classes from Monday 16th April.