The ultimate pregnancy massage.


At 34 weeks pregnant, I was eagerly anticipating the Peaceful Pregnancy massage I had booked at The Spa at Millbrook Resort. It did not disappoint.

I had reached the point of my pregnancy where the word comfortable was a term I no longer used. My ankles were swollen by the end of the day, sleep was intermittent and the weight and size of my stomach made even the simple tasks, like tying my shoe laces, relatively difficult. It’s not to say I wasn’t enjoying the ride; I was just nearing the end of the journey – and boy was I looking forward to some much-needed TLC.

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Driving up the tree-lined avenue I already felt a sense of calm, which continued to build as I strolled past the old rustic buildings and gentle streams on my way to The Spa. The building is nestled on the bank of a stream away from the hustle and bustle of the resort centre.

On my arrival I was directed to the luxurious changing rooms where I slipped into a waffle robe and slippers before being taken to a tranquil relaxation lounge.  I enjoyed a refreshing glass of lemon water and some quiet time before my treatment began. This was the prefect start on the cosy couch with views out to the beautiful surroundings and a magazine in hand.

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I then met my lovely therapist, Sasa, who took me to my ambient treatment room with soft lighting, candles and the smell of essential oils. To my delight she then brought out a pregnancy pillow, which is a large foam square with the middle removed so a large stomach can sit in it. For those of you who have experienced pregnancy before, you’ll understand how exciting the prospect of lying on your stomach is after months of not being able to! Sasa and I then talked through how my pregnancy was going and any specific pain points I had, making sure that the massage was bespoke to my needs.

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I loved that before the massage began, as I lay on the heated massage table under warm blankets, I was instructed to close my eyes and breathe in deeply as Sasa held an essential oil under my nose. It reminded me of the start of a yoga class and was such a relaxing way to ease in to the massage. She then placed a hot towel on my feet, and that was it, I was lost in a world of luxurious bliss. Using warm body oil, Sasa started working on my neck and shoulders before moving down to my back, legs and feet. I then rolled over; she gently rubbed a cooling gel on my shoulders, neck and ankles. The cooling sensation was such a relief on my swollen ankles and felt like I could feel the swelling going down.

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I then repositioned so I was lying on my back and Sasa began work on my scalp, décolletage and neck. Heaven. Any of the remaining tension I had been holding on to disappeared and I felt completely at peace.

At the end of the treatment I was raised to a seated position with beautiful views out the window, handed a refreshing glass of water and left to come back to reality in my own time. Once I was able to force myself to get up I was guided to a second relaxation lounge where I indulged in a cup of delicious (non-caffeinated) herbal tea and a selection of fruits and nuts. You really could loose track of time while you’re a guest here.

It really was one of the best massages and spa experiences I have enjoyed. My treatment extended beyond my time in the massage room, with the relaxation rooms and impeccable service. It’s the little additions that set this spa apart from others that I have been to, you really feel removed from your day to day life while you are there.

Here are my Elemis pregnancy product picks from The Spa.

Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend
This oil is your defense against stretch marks! Used throughout my peaceful pregnancy massage, this light oil is easily absorbed and rich in plant collagen to keep the skin moisturised and supple, helping to prevent stretch marks. It smells delicious too.

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Instant Refreshing Gel
This instant revitaliser is perfect for tired legs, swollen ankles and muscle tension - especially on the shoulders, neck and across the forehead. This has really helped relieve swelling around my ankles after a long day at work.

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 To book your Peaceful Pregnancy massage contact The Spa on 03 441 7017 or email