At Millbrook our environmentally conscious and forward-thinking housekeeping team are always looking at ways to reduce our resort’s environmental impact, and along the road of discovery they have found a charitable organisation - Soap Aid. 

A number of us are lucky enough to be taught how to wash our hands and supplied with soap from a young age, but with others this is not the case.  There is a company that is out to fix that by educating communities in the importance of washing your hands and providing the soap to do it, which comes from discarded hotel soap! 

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The importance of washing your hands is highlighted by the following statement from Professor Martyn Jeggo, Director of Health Programs “Half of the 9,000 children that are estimated to die from diseases such as diarrhoea and pneumonia everyday in our poorest countries could be saved by the routine use of handwashing with soap.”

Soap Aid are committed to making a change to the hotel industry by:

  • Redirecting millions of bars of discarded soap from disastrous landfills
  • Reducing the extraction and use of raw materials
  • Reducing carbon emissions by 59% when compared to using virgin soaps*

*Carbon Reduction Institute (2016). Emissions Comparison Report. A comparative study of recycled and virgin soap for Soap Aid.

In August alone Soap Aid received 2,000kg of soap from various organisations that will create 20,000 new bars of recycled soap that can supply 822 children for a whole year.  This also saved two tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent from entering the atmosphere.

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They distributed 69,120 bars of new, hygienic soap bars to remote Indigenous Australian communities in Western Australia to help in the treatment and prevention of blindness caused by trachoma. In addition to this, the soap was distributed in Alice Springs where it will be used in health promotion activities to help end trachoma in Australia and treat other infections.

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We think that this is worth shouting about and are proud to be part of this fantastic initiative.  We look forward to working with them into the future and seeing what progress is made.