Spring is well and truly here, and whilst your energy levels may still be low and your body sluggish, now is the perfect time to reunite with your long lost runners and bounce back into fitness. Lucky for you we have a team of highly skilled and motivated personal trainers and group fitness instructors to help you shape up in time for summer.

Don’t leave it too late…If you want to flaunt the perfect swimsuit body than it’s time to get cracking in the gym. We are here to help you plan each workout and progressively build in training sequences that will improve your strength and stability, and get you into tip top shape.

To get you started we offer a free 45 minute initial health and movement assessment for all members (basically a W.O.F checkup for your body) and can also design a customised health plan that will have you oozing self-confidence by the time summer rolls around. 


Get your body WOF check up!


Would you drive a Ferrari with VW brakes? That’s basically what happens to your body if you are only training the same muscle groups for aesthetic purposes (i.e. the “mirror muscles.”)

Without addressing the wee tonic (postural) stabilising muscles, your body becomes dysfunctional and eventually starts to break down. You may regularly get your car serviced and W.O.F to keep it road worthy, but what about your body?

The body fat calliper analysis is a simple tool we use that can tell a lot about your hormonal balance, lifestyle habits and overall health. With this tracking data it’s easy to develop the right plan for optimal gains as we want your muscles firing on all cylinders and tuned into the right frequency. Our approach is always tailored to progress and challenge you at the right pace for both your body’s needs and fitness goals.

Our dedicated and experienced health and fitness team has recently grown with the introduction of some exciting and fresh talent. We have skills ranging in: Rehabilitation and corrective exercise; Postural and movement screening; Pregnancy specialist; Athletic strength and conditioning; Body transformations and much more.

To help you get started on your fitness journey we have listed five of our favourite moves designed to enhance your core strength and stability. Enjoy and get sweating!


1. Band Squat

Use a band as resistance and position it just below the knees. This simple but effective exercise will fire the glutes and help correct medial knee torsion to prevent common knee injuries.  Stand hip width apart, knees over your toes and sit back. For additional gains do a set of pulses (holding the bottom range of the movement with slight up and down motions for 45 seconds at a time.)

 Try 3 sets of 15 reps.

Tip: Look ahead at the horizon, track your knees in direction of the second or third toe and maintain neutral back posture (no rounding of the back.) Your knees should move forward to create ankle flexion but avoid going over your toes. Keep your heels anchored to the floor.   


   2. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

 Single leg strength, control and balance is imperative for athletic performance and injury prevention. This exercise targets the posterior chain muscles including your glutes, hamstrings and calves. Your starting position should be in a tall posture and on a single leg. Lower your body by hinging at the hip joint (be careful not to round your back). You should then tilt until your rear leg and torso is parallel to the floor (you will feel a stretch in your hamstrings once you reach your range).

 Aim for 3 sets of 12 reps each leg.

 Tip: Keep your tempo slow and controlled with a slight (softness) bend of the knee. Avoid flattening the foot and keep a tall and neutral back posture (avoid rounding).



 3. Box Jumps

 This explosive exercise will light up your fast twitch muscle fibres and enhance your landing mechanics.

 Try 3 sets of 15-20 jumps.

 Tip: It is best to have a progressive approach. Starting at a low height (small stepper) you can land softly and controlled with good absorption. Be careful not to allow your knees to fold inwards upon landing. 


 4. Thread the Needle Side Plank

It is a fact that most injuries occur in the frontal plane of motion. This move will set you up with stability in this plane hitting the oblique and pelvic stabilisers. Lying on one side of your body, balance on your forearm and the foot closest to the mat and raise your body high. Set yourself up in a good position, your chest should be open with shoulders depressed and retracted, and your body should follow a fairly straight diagonal line. As you migrate into the movement (threading the needle) with the unsupported arm, raise your hip and rotate through the thoracic and back to start position.

 Spend 30-45 seconds on each side “threading the needle” (Repeat twice on each side.) 

Tip: If this feels too advanced to start, simply bend the knees and hold the plank without the “thread the needle” component.



 5. Foam Roller 90 degree Toe Taps

Your deep pelvic floor muscles which assist to stabilise the lumbar spine and pelvis will be getting some serious attention here (they are often underactive). This movement will also help with postural alignment.

Repeat this exercise twice at 1 minute duration.

Tip: Focus on having a neutral spine and relaxed breathing throughout the duration. Draw in your belly button gently towards the spine to allow transverse abdominus (pelvic stabilisor) activation. Lying lengthways on a roller is great for your posture and a good position to practice diaphragmatic breathing. Once in this position open the palms to face the ceiling. Find neutral spine by tilting the pelvis and softly pressing the lower back onto the roller. Now maintaining that light pressure think of your feet as being on egg shells (make them light) and float one knee at a time at 90 degrees and then alternate.  



Featured Article by Luke Marshall

Luke is a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and strength and conditioning coach with over 13 years’ experience. Luke believes it is imperative to train smart and effectively, and to promote restorative movement and a healthy lifestyle to create the best YOU possible!