Staff Spotlight - Aniva Faugagana

Let’s Meet Aniva! Originally from Samoa Aniva came to New Zealand ten years ago where she quickly fell in love with Queenstown. She likes to be in the outdoors paddling on the lake or surrounded by the mountains, enjoying the breath-taking views. When Aniva isn’t up the mountain peaks, she’ll be cooking up a storm in the kitchen. (Oka - marinated raw fish with coconut cream - is her favourite dish from home.)

23 Jun 2021

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Tell Us About Yourself


 I love the outdoors and spend my free time exploring the area I live.  I think Queenstown is the best place in the world so I am never far from home.  I have a huge passion for golf, I am still perfecting my swing so I spend some of my free time on the golf course, which isn't a bad place to be!


What does your typical day at Millbrook look like?


Stepping into The Spa in the mornings is one of my favourite times of day.  I love opening the doors and knowing that I will be looking after, pampering and caring for guests throughout the day. In the mornings I make sure all the treatment rooms are prepped and ready to go; the tea is brewed; natural oils are topped up; and the candles are lit.  Creating a comforting ambiance is the first step to ensuring our guests have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. 

What do you love most about your job?

I love meeting people and finding out their story.  In my role as a spa therapist, I get to meet people from all walks of life and nationalities. They might be a hotel guest visiting The Spa, a regular client you see on a monthly basis, a bridal party, or mother and daughter out for a treat.  I love hearing their stories and giving them memories to take away and share with others.

What makes Millbrook so special?


The place and people are amazing.  I know that it has probably been said before, but the team at Millbrook really are incredible.  At The Spa we are just like a family where everyone wants to look our for each other and help one another succeed. When you walk around the resort everyone is greeting each other with a big smile!

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?


 Engage the brain before operating your mouth, in other words, think before you speak!

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