Staff Spotlight - Daniel Leonard

Let’s Meet Daniel! Daniel is one of Millbrook Resort’s fantastic imports from Walsall in the United Kingdom. His strong accent is a talking point when you meet him along with his smile and clear passion for health and wellbeing. Whether it be focusing on his own self-development or showing passion and care looking after each of our members and guests. What does he do in his free time? Maybe watching a game or two of football or sitting down to watch his favourite movie Good Fellas.

22 Jun 2021

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Tell Us About Yourself


I have a huge heart and am constantly working on myself to be a better human being.  I enjoy reading books about health and wellness, autobiographies, and self-development. My passion includes health and fitness as well as the human body. I find it very complex and truly amazing. My mind gets blown on a daily basis!  I have a huge love for football (soccer as it is called down under).  I have played since I was a child and still thoroughly enjoy playing the sport today. The gym also plays a big part of my life. It is my therapy and keeps me sane, makes me smile, feel good and keeps me in good shape physically - which is a bonus as I am partial to a beer or glass of red wine.


 What does your typical day at Millbrook look like?


I don’t think we should use the word “typical” as no day is the same, but my usual day would look something like the following… Depending on my shift I arrive at Millbrook in the dark making my way to the Health & Fitness Centre for a 6am start and I where I open shop. During the winter months my priority is to turn on all the heaters. I then ensure the saunas are ready for use, changing rooms are comforted, music is playing, the pool is ready to go, and before I know it our first customers are in the front door - the early bird catches the worm. Then with a smile on my face I welcome our first guest of the day and we connect, as I am proud that they are up so early working out, and I am proud I have the facilities ready for them to use.


What do you love most about your job?


What I love most is the people, the staff, the customers, the friends. This is my family, our Millbrook family. It is the most amazing place, and it is a privilege to work here at Millbrook.  The environment in which we get to work is incredibly unique, I have never seen anywhere so pretty ‘postcard central’ everywhere you look. The nature is spectacular and you really do ''escape the everyday' as this is no normal everyday this is the Millbrook way. I am always wanting to learn and Millbrook provides so many opportunities and training workshops to enhance my skills and knowledge.  All team members have a voice and your opinion is listened to and taken on board. Everyone is encouraged to speak up. It is truly the best job I have ever had. I will continue to progress here and when I look back in many years maybe I will shed a tear with joy and happiness that I worked at this sanctuary.


What makes Millbrook so special?


Millbrook is so special because of the people that we get to meet. The mountains, the beautiful trees, the amazing sky, the most precious golf courses. Everyone has a smile on their face, all will say 'Hi' and wave. It’s a very friendly environment and this is truly special.


What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?


There are two strong pieces of advice I have received in life that come to mind. Always make your bed in the morning - this sets you up for the day and organisation will then follow.  Another good piece of advice I was given was when I was going through a difficult time in my life, my Nanny Ann told me to never grow up to be a bitter man.  This is something that has stayed with me ever since. I will always try to keep positive and live a life with a smile on my face and enjoy each unique day.  Life is so precious. You only get one life as far as I am aware, and there is no stop, pause and replay. Show gratitude daily.

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