The Heroes of Golf: The Millbrook Greenkeepers

As the 101st year of the New Zealand Open comes to an end, the Millbrook Resort Greenkeeping team reflect on the hard work that was involved in making the event such a success!

5 Mar 2020

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With a team of 19 Greenkeepers who were also joined by a further eight volunteers for the tournament, the entire team had their adrenaline pumping before, during and after the event. They gave it their all and worked tirelessly together to ensure the golf course at Millbrook showed off the dramatic terrain and delivered world-class golf.


The Greenkeepers started their day from 6am in the build up to the event but as soon as the tournament began, that immediately changed to 4:30am starts for all. This allowed them to get a head start on the daily jobs to make the course pristine and ready for the players, spectators and volunteers alike.

The amount of work involved was intense, the tasks ranged from; managing water inputs, getting consistent green speeds, spraying, ensuring all the mowing crews get those perfect straight lines so the course is always ship shape and presentable. Plus, not only did the team work on the greens and fairways, they also had a lot of responsibilities on and off the course supporting other teams, putting up infrastructure and helping make sure the entire event pulled together as a whole.



It is always a huge team effort with everyone putting in a great amount of energy and work. The success is celebrated on the last day of the tournament, sitting down together for a well-deserved cold beer on the Sunday night. This is the highlight of the week for the entire team and a chance to recap and start to unwind.



If you are interested in working at Millbrook, click here for the latest job opportunities.

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