December is a busy time for the gym and the trainers – people panic, and all of a sudden are aware that it’s warmer and need to show off more of their bodies.  We love this busy time, as we can really help people get stuck in and get some good results.  People are more motivated and want to see results so they are more willing to put in the hard work that we have to squeeze like ‘blood from a stone” out of them in the winter months.

So we put our heads together and thought we would come up with some ideas for the “best bang for your time/buck” exercises that are simple to do anywhere.

wall sit and lateral raise1

Wall Sit with Bicep Curls:
Hits full body. Target areas: Your legs while in the wall sit, your core, and your arms while you curl. This one gets the full body!

  • Get yourself some weights that you can continuously curl, have a few on hand so you can quickly swap as you wall sit
  • Sit down against a wall like you are sitting on a chair.
  • Make sure your knees are in line with your ankles and your weight is balanced/spread from the heels to your midfoot
  • Lock the back and shoulders and head against the wall
  • Begin to curl
  • Hold the position and curl for as long as you can, then add 10 more seconds  :) 


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Lunge with lateral raise
Another full body exercise! Target areas: Your legs while in the lunge, your core and glutes, and shoulders while you raise. 

NOTE: This should never be done with max or heavy weights; it should always be light enough that you could perform 20 x raises in the shoulders, 3 x rounds without any strain, but a sense of fatigue.  Injury is also a risk, if you have neck or shoulder issues come and speak with us to help find an alternative.

  • Set up for the lunge with the hips aiming to move straight up and down
  • Weight should be spread between the front foot heel and the back foot toes
  • Knees should be in line with the ankle in the front foot
  • Step wider with the back foot for assistance with balance, step longer to allow a stretch and even work with both legs.
  • Lunge down, and as you do so raise the hands up straight in front of you or out to the side as seen in the picture above, with a slight bend in your elbows.
  • Stand up and either switch feet, walk forward or stick with the static lunge for as many reps as you can.

 Our thoughts of F O O D

Sugar over the silly season, it can be a bit crazy, we all know that sugar is the worst ingredient.  However it is so hard to avoid, so cutting back on the amount of sugar or using natural sugars: honey and fruit will provide a more level spike in blood sugar, therefore decrease the bodies need to store that sugar into the fat cells.

So when creating your Xmas treats, either cut back if you cannot cut out sugar, or replace the white or brown sugar with some sort of fruit or honey substitute.

My Food Bag Christmas Menu 565x250

Our tips for you this December:
Do full body movements that increase your heart rate and require you to resist your body weight (push ups etc) the more you use the full body, the more energy you will use. In our new group fitness room our Circuit class at 6.30am on Tuesdays and 7am Fridays is a great place to test this tip….

Being time poor shouldn’t inhibit you from doing something physical. 10mins doing something is better than doing nothing. Walking, a few push ups, gardening, playing a round of golf without the golf cart or biking are all ‘something’.

Have a lovely Christmas and we hope to see you at the centre soon!


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Raych Bell is a Personal Trainer & Fitness Assistant at the Health & Fitness Centre. She describes her training as multifaceted and designed to link the mind and the muscles to create ‘intelligent muscle’ training and transformations. Why train with me? I will help you stay goal orientated.

To get in touch with Raych or to book a personal training appointment at the centre, please email or call +64 3 441 7017.

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