Millbrook Resort's Property Management Services

Enjoy the peace of mind that your luxury property will be taken care of with all of the finer details looked after.

Full Property Inspection
Initial property inspection which includes photographs of all areas and items within the property including garages, sheds and locked storage areas. 
Further property inspections to be conducted quarterly.

Weekly Walk-Throughs
Checking all rooms within the home and out-buildings. 
A general sweep of the grounds.

Housekeeping Manual
Creation of a housekeeping manual for staff use which includes owner’s requirements for: cleaning, photography of every room - detailing how everything is to be set up/laid out and any special information.

Comforting of Property
Ensuring lights and heating are turned on and off accordingly to owner’s requirements before arrival and after departure.

Guest Compendium
Creation of a compendium for guest's of owners, detailing information on WiFi codes, alarm passcodes, the operation of systems within the property, operation of vehicles or golf carts (if required).
This includes information on days rubbish bins are collected, contact details for after-hours emergencies and the property manager’s phone number.

Stocking of Basic Grocery Items
Ensuring basic grocery items are in the property for the owners arrival. 
A top up of basic kitchen items.

Rubbish Collection
Disposal of rubbish.
Bins placed on the street for collection and returned.

Property Manager to organise owner's vehicles to be WOF’d and registered.

Airport Transfers
Airport shuttle pick up and drop off service.

Battery Charging
Ensure all cars, golf carts, electric bikes, etc. are charged and ready for the owners, owner's guests arrival.

Property Manager can organise all utility invoices to be paid, i.e. electricity, gas, etc. to paid direct by Millbrook’s Accounts Department (fees apply). 

General Advice
Informing owners of wear and tear and where maintenance needs to be conducted whether inside or outside of the property.

Extra Services (Additional charges apply)

Arranging housekeeping to service the property before, during or after an owner or owner’s guests stay.

Concierge Services
Arranging tours and activities for owners or owner’s guests.

Private Chefs/Sommelier 
Coordinating in home dinners, parties, events, etc.

Vehicle Servicing
Organising vehicles to garages to be serviced, repaired, etc.

Maintenance (General)
All maintenance from changing light bulbs through to small repairs or remedial work.

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