Live Music & Street Food at Smithy's Smoke House


Sit back and enjoy an evening of relaxed entertainment and delicious food options at Queenstown's favourite whisky bar, Smithy's Smoke House. This summer Millbrook will showcase a variety of musicians on the greens, and offer an inspiring menu of Street Food that is sure to delight your taste buds. From sliders and dumplings to gourmet smokehouse souvlakis - there will be something to excite everyone with endless worldly variations from Texas, India, Mexico, Greece and more.

Bring your friends and come and enjoy a great afternoon/evening out at Millbrook. Smithy's also offers a wide variety of delicious whiskies and wines to choose from.

Live Music & Street Food Nights - From 4pm to 7pm:

Sunday 17 November 
Music: Bourbon Sour 
Street Food: Texas BBQ

Sunday 1 December 
Music: Robert Glen 
Street Food: Smokehouse Souvlakis

Sunday 8 December 
Music: Bourbon Sour 
Street Food: Samosas & Curry

Sunday 5 January
Music: Robert Glen
Street Food: Sliders & Dumplings

Sunday 26 January
Music: Bourbon Sour 
Street Food: Tacos

Sunday 2 February
Music: Sam Maxwell
Street Food: Blue Cod & White Bait

Sunday 16 February
Music: Bourbon Sour 
Street Food: Cornish Pasties

Sunday 15 March
Music: Bourbon Sour 
Street Food: Jerk Chicken & Prawns

Sunday 29 March
Music: Robert Glen
Street Food: Bao Buns & Gyozas

Sunday 5 April
Music: Bourbon Sour
Street Food: Smokehouse Souvlakis

Sunday 26 April
Music: Bourbon Sour
Street Food: Sausages & Skewers