The Arrow Nine

Enjoy golfing in beautiful Queenstown at Millbrook Resort.


The Arrow Nine has a great combination of new design with some established holes.

A highlight is the beautiful island-type, par three finishing hole (Arrow Ninth), so make sure you have plenty of balls available when you reach the tee.

Arrow Nine 1st - Par 5
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- Beware on your second shot – both the pond and Mill Stream sneak in on the left.

Arrow Nine 2nd - Par 4
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- Avoid that fairway bunker from the tee. Then the second is deceptive – believe those distances for it’s further than it looks!


Arrow Nine 3rd  - Par 4
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- The pin here is the key - pay attention to club selection on your approach.


Arrow Nine 4th - Par 3
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- This hole plays a little more downhill than some think. Middle of the green is seldom a bad option.


Arrow Nine 5th - Par 4
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- The best approach is from as close to the left side of the fairway as you dare - but watch for that OB!


Arrow Nine 6th - Par 4
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- Beware the creek that meanders across the fairway. You can sneak closer up the right - and if you think you can fly it - have a go but better be accurate.


Arrow Nine 7th - Par 4
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- The closer to the lakes the better the angle to the green. If you want to try for the green in one - anything left could be in the creek. 



Arrow Nine 8th - Par 4
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- The front of the green slopes away quite sharply and to the right. A low runner is an option - otherwise better fly it all the way.arrow8


Arrow Nine 9th - Par 3
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- It's very short - so shouldn't be a problem. But this is no time for the nerves to give way!



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