Kim Seulgi

Millbrook's Pilates Instructor

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Since becoming fascinated by the clarity and holistic understanding Pilates reveals about one’s entire body, I have developed a deep appreciation for the mindful movement that each exercise demands. This led me to eagerly study and complete my teacher certification.

As an instructor, I encourage others to experience Pilates for themselves and to realise how beneficial it is for achieving their goals with an increased feeling of health and wellbeing. Pilates can assist people from every aspect of their current condition and experience level, enabling them to build, see and feel real results as they progress. Watching people experience these very real benefits in their everyday life is an incredibly rewarding aspect of what I do.

It’s time to look at the body and know the most direct way to address its problems. It’s time to make you aligned and balanced, healthier and stronger.


• Polestar Pilates Mat Series Level 1 & Level 2

• Pre-Post Natal Pilates Studio Series Advanced

• Barre Warrior & Barre 101 Level 1

• Barre Yoga Level 1

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