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Personal Trainer at Millbrook Resort

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I am a Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Strength & Conditioning Coach with over 15 years’ experience. I am an elite performance expert and have worked globally with elite tennis athletes, golfers, junior rowers and running technique/performance athletes. I believe it’s imperative to train smart and effectively and to promote restorative movement and a healthy lifestyle to create the best YOU possible! 

Functional training keeps me in shape for my hobbies, minimises my injury risk and allows me to perform at my best. I love the outdoors so you’ll often see me running the trails, hitting the slopes or mountain biking. I like to share my wealth of knowledge and passion as it helps to bring out the best in my clients and groups. 

Recently Titleist Performance Certified I can discover limitations in movement that can impact your golf performance. Learn how you can gain necessary fitness, strength, power, stability, flexibility and activate the correct muscles in sequence with a scientific and golf industry recognised approach. 

No matter your current condition you can always improve. I like to motivate using the pillars of neural development, functional movement, restoration, and lifestyle to create pathways to peak performance with the icing of aesthetically looking great and feeling your best! 


• Diploma in Sport, Recreation and Leisure

• TPI Certified: Golf Specific Screening, Movement and Programming

• NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist 

• NASM Pregnancy Specialist

• NASM Junior Athletic Conditioning 

• Rehab Master Trainer

• NCSC Elite Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach L1 and L2   

• Performance Boxing Certified

• TRX Suspension Certified/ TRX Group Training Instructor

• CYBEX Olympic Lifting Technique Certified

• Poliquin Biosigniture Modulation (Nutrition, Supplements, Body Fat and Hormonal Balance). 

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