Spa Products

The Spa at Millbrook uses luxury beauty products from Comfort Zone in all our spa treatments.

Comfort Zone is a well known and respected brand of luxury beauty products and spas originating in Italy and is the product of choice for some of the best spas in the world.  

With a strong focus on providing care, relaxation and a unique experience for clients, The Spa at Millbrook has a comprehensive choice of Comfort Zone facials, massages and body treatments for various skin types, each with unique properties.

As well as creating natural products that achieve results, Comfort Zone focuses on the emotional and sensory experience of beauty therapy and is the perfect match for The Spa at Millbrook.

Comfort Zone’s hero product is called “tranquillity”, which is an aromatic and relaxing blend of essential oils that include rosewood, vanilla, rose, cedar, palmarosa and orange. Every treatment at The Spa at Millbrook begins with a tranquillity welcome ritual encouraging you to relax prior to your treatment, enhancing your luxury spa experience.

Your Spa at Millbrook’s sensory experience is once again heightened when you are asked to choose your preferred scent for use in your body treatments and massages, which is also lightly sprayed around the room to linger throughout your treatment. For longer treatments an essential candle of your preferred fragrance burns softly as you relax and experience the ultimate in pampering.

Comfort Zone has won numerous spa awards globally for best spa product and is an environmentally friendly company with a strong focus on using natural ingredients in its products as well as having a strong sustainability philosophy.

Since May 2006, Comfort Zone has been a supporter of the Lifegate Energy project and uses energy solely from renewable sources. In addition, sales of the Sacred Nature and Aromasoul products contribute to a reforestation project in Costa Rica and Madagascar with a total of 23.100 square meters already contributed.

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