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31st October 2014

Start your weekend fabulously!
Come for brunch at the Hole in One Café with your friends or family.
We have some new spring dishes for you to try - Grilled prawns & chorizo soft tacos, mexican slaw, avocado puree, tomato & coriander salsa for you to enjoy..

#mealforameal #yummyfood

30th October 2014

How is your golf practice going for spring and summer?
Did you know that we have a chipping and bunker practice area on the resort? Come to see ProShop staff and grab a club – Enjoy your golf swing practice!

29th October 2014

What a beautiful photo of Moke lake and a stunning aurora.
Thanks to Pete Whittaker Photography!

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Accidental Aurora I went down to Moke Lake last night with my housemate Steve to try and shoot some more nightscapes. Once I realised the Milkyway wasn't quite in the right place, I decided to try and do some star trails. This is my first time trying something like this and it's far from perfect but the cool part was a small aurora was happening at the same time that I didn't even know about. Pretty lucky huh? This is a 529 second exposure and brought out some good detail in the foreground and amazing colours from the aurora. Plus very cool to see the world spinning through it all! #southernlights #aurora #queenstown #newzealand #photography © www.petewhittakerphotography.com

28th October 2014

Eight new babies to look after - our new Mum will be busy with 500 acres to explore!

27th October 2014

Why don’t you treat yourself to some delicious Japanese food. Look at this amazing tuna dish from Kobe Cuisine.

Maguro isobe tataki, nori seared tuna, asparagus, spiced lentils, radish sweet apple miso with fennel crisps. Call 03 441 7070 to book your table.

#mealforameal #foodie #delicious #yummy

24th October 2014

Dish of the week: Come to the Millhouse Restaurant this weekend and try our tasty dish - Prime angus beef fillet, mushrooms, butter milk, asparagus and beef dipping potatoes.

#mealforameal #foodie #delicious #yummy

24th October 2014

The perfect Christmas gift - buy your ticket for the New Zealand Open and you could win a pretty spectacular prize. #BMWNZOpen #golfingheaven

BMW New Zealand Open Day staged around New Zealand in December - BMW New Zealand Golf Open
Buy your tickets before Christmas and you could win the finest Queenstown golf experience playing at The Hills, Millbrook Resort and Jack's Point.

23rd October 2014

Let us introduce our new team member, Natasha.
She just started working with Anna and the team in the Health and Fitness Centre. She is an expert in triathlons and can give some great advise if you are training for Queenstown Marathon next month. Make sure you say hi to her next time you are in the gym.

22nd October 2014

We love having Chelsea Winter here to launch her new cookbook in The Clubhouse. Come back and visit again soon! #everydaydelicious

22nd October 2014

Fancy tasting some delicious Japanese food?
Why don’t you come to Kobe Cuisine to try our new tasty dish with your friends of family.
We have Buta Kakuni, soy braised pork belly, bok choy, baby carrots, sake poached pears, kakuni broth, raisin puree & furikake. Kampai!
Call on 03 441 7070 to book your table.
#mealforameal #foodie #delicious #yummy

21st October 2014

We are delighted to announce that our spa has been named as the title of ‘New Zealand’s Leading Spa Resort’ at the World Travel Awards.Thank you to all our guests for the huge support - Winning this award is an absolute honor. To read more, please click below.

Scoop Business » Luxurious spa at Millbrook Resort named best of the best
Scoop Media Business Blog

19th October 2014

Warm weather and a fresh dusting of snow overnight. We have the best of both worlds in Queenstown. #queenstownnz #nzmustdo

17th October 2014

Dish of the week: Come to the Millhouse Restaurant and try our tasty new dish - Wild Hare & Confit leg, asparagus, parmesan, confit heirloom cherry tomato. Bon Appétit

#mealforameal #foodie #delicious #yummy

17th October 2014

Not a bad day at the office with the film crew from Augusto & Samsung NZ. They're here doing a story on our Golf Pilot system we have in our golf carts.

16th October 2014

What a stunning photo of the sunrise this morning in Queenstown. Thank you Pete Whittaker Photography!

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Wow, what a sunrise this morning! A bunch of us were headed off for our weekly 'snappers' trip to Bob's Cove this morning but the sky above the Remarks was absolutely incredible so we had to pull over. By the time we got there and got this shot, it was almost over which shows you how cool it was before that! I love the rays of light beaming out from bend the peaks of The Remarkables. #queenstown #remarks #newzealand #landscape #photography #surise © www.petewhittakerphotography.com

15th October 2014

Yoga is the perfect way to de-stress and work out at the same time.

Come and join Mark’s Hatha yoga class tomorrow morning – your choice of 8am or 9am class. Call us on 03 440 7014 today to book your spot. See you there!

14th October 2014

What a fantastic news - #Queenstown has won Australasia's Leading Destination at the 2014 World Travel Awards. Why don’t you come to the most beautiful place on earth this spring or summer!

#NZmustdo #Queenstownnz

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@[175465665824008:274:Queenstown NZ], has won Australasia's Leading Destination at The World Travel Awards this year! #NZmustDO

13th October 2014

What a great time lapse of overlooking Queesntown from the swing deck at The Ledge Bungy - Thank you Undersoul Photography!

#nzmustdo #queenstown

WATCH IN HD!!This is my first time lapse, taken from the swing deck at The Ledge Bungy a few months ago. I made a few mistakes on this and it's a bit jumpy but it was an epic sunset so thought I had to share it!

12th October 2014

Life is a balance between relax and movement.

Why don’t you start of the week with Rachel’s hatha class tomorrow morning. You can choose from 8am or 9am class.
Call us on 03 440 7014 today to book your spot. Namaste.

11th October 2014

Spring is in the air and the birds are chirping. Time to dust off your bike and enjoy the bluebird days ahead #nzmustdo #queenstownnz

10th October 2014

Dish of the week: Come to the Millhouse Restaurant and try our new spring dessert, Honey oat ice cream & sponge, pomegranate & blood orange, almonds. Bon Appétit

#mealforameal #foodie #delicious #yummy

10th October 2014

Our green keeper is rolling the greens to make sure it is smooth and faster to putt on. Come to Millbrook for a round of golf with your friends this weekend!

Spring colours at Millbrook