It's time to get the cool hard facts about your shot.

16 Jan 2018

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It is interesting how much money the average golfer spends on new equipment and accessories in the hope of improving their game. In reality the amount spent often has little to no bearing on lowering that handicap – as famously once put “all clubs work until you bring them home with you!” There are a number of scenarios where human error can interfere with progression –a bad habit developing that effects technique, an instructor’s well-meaning yet wayward opinion, or players themselves disagreeing on advice given and refusing to adjust. This is where technology can help, in this case, Flightscope, the new baby of Millbrook’s Head Coach Ben Gallie. Ben talks us through what it’s all about and how it can help your game.


What is Flightscope?


Flightscope is a machine that records players’ drives, then in a matter of seconds, breaks it down into different elements to allow for easy analysis. This easily understandable data pops up on our ipad almost immediately and shows your swing path, angle of descent, launch angle, carry distance, smash factor, spin, swing speed, and much more.




What makes a lesson with Flightscope better than simply a lesson with a coach alone?


I think the real value in this machine is that it can’t lie. It removes all discussions on the cause for swing problems. It is certainly hard to argue that you aren’t hitting down on a driver when the ipad screen in front of you with 3D tracking shows with certainty that you are.

If you are interested in learning more about your swing, get in touch with the golf shop to book in a time for a lesson.

Enjoy a consistent and frustration-free golf season this summer!

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