Responsible Tourism


As one of Australasia’s leading five star accommodation providers, we want to provide our guests with a world class, luxury facility and ensure we maintain and continue to improve on our position as an environmentally friendly hotel.

To show our focus and commitment to developing and supporting the Qualmark awards, the business identified and created a champion for this work within our Leadership Team. This role has now been in place for over two years and is maturing year on year.

We strive to support the Enviro awards and look to ensure that we have the reputation for being a socially responsible Resort from our foundations. We look to maintain, grow and encourage all Millbrook employees to play a part in developing our Enviro strategy and to help us all work together to improve the lives of those in the communities around us.

Millbrook Resort and the Environment

Qualmark is New Zealand’s official star grading system and is a joint venture between Tourism NZ and the AA. Every accommodation provider who is Qualmark rated has undergone a rigorous independent assessment and licensing process to become part of the Qualmark licensing system.

As well as having a Qualmark 5 Star Hotel Rating, Millbrook Resort also has a Qualmark Enviro Gold Rating, which recognises sustainable initiatives employed by tourism businesses in New Zealand, and is the highest environmental grading Qualmark issues.

The stunning alpine setting and rural environment are an essential part of what attracts visitors to Millbrook, and Queenstown as a whole, so it's not surprising that preserving it for future generations is foremost in our thoughts.

All businesses that have a Qualmark are assessed on their environmental performance, which recognises businesses for their initiatives in energy, waste, water, conservation and the community. Our Enviro-Gold Rating is in acknowledgement of Millbrook's continued effort to operate as a sustainable resort.

Mission Statement


We work hard to support our natural environment by undertaking a number of actions and making smart choices.  We recognise the importance of taking these steps to achieve the best environmental performance possible whilst maintaining our luxury 5 star product; which we recognise sometimes do not naturally co-exist.


We will actively reduce or mitigate any adverse effects on our environment through wise planning and development, enhancing natural watercourses and open areas and buying produce locally when available. We will also actively use our natural resources efficiently, reducing and disposing of all waste responsibly and providing a socially and environmentally responsible product, without compromising on our stakeholders’ comfort and quiet enjoyment.

Reduction in energy consumption actions:

Introduction of energy efficient lighting throughout the resort facilities, with a policy to use super efficient LED lighting technology where possible when replacing existing lamps.
Offering a towel and linen change system which allows Guests to help the environment by choosing how often to have Guests towels and linen laundered.
Offering guests scheduled complimentary shuttles to Arrowtown and Queenstown town centres to reduce traffic effects associated with multiple individual trips.
Offering extended car parking before check in and after check out.
Promoting shuttle usage for airport transfers.
Utilisation of our waste wood from trimming trees to supplement heating in reception & restaurants.
Provide staff shuttles to reduce overall use of vehicles

Water use reduction actions:

Mulching of all gardens to retain moisture and reduce irrigation requirements.
To reduce our potable (treated for drinking) water usage, we source a specific irrigation supply for our golf course irrigation.
Where necessary, water features include a recycling function to reduce top-up demands.

Waste reduction action:

Recycling in place for Residential properties (kerbside) and commercial aspects of the resort.
Provision of facilities for guests to recycle.
Chipping and composting of green waste for reuse on communal landscaped areas.
Food waste from outlets diverted to local lifestyle farmer for chicken feed or included in the composting system.

Natural environment enhancements:

Measured improvement of the water quality in the natural water course, Millstream, from where it enters the resort to where it leaves. 
Ongoing improvements to the banks and wetlands within the resort, which has led to an increase in the native birdlife.

Community involvement:

Working closely with our community is a key value that the team at Millbrook support. Millbrook strives to develop long term relationships that strengthen year on year and support the work that other local companies do. Our Chief Financial Officer is on the board of the Arrowtown Promotion & Business Association.  The Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association Incorporated (APBA) is the incorporated society that manages the promotion of Arrowtown and the representation of the business members of the town. It is made up of elected members of commercial ratepayers in Arrowtown.

The objectives for which the Society is established are:

~  To co-ordinate and direct the co-operative marketing of Arrowtown, in order to achieve responsible and sustainable growth in Arrowtown's economy and the community as a whole.
~  To develop distinctive promotional material, advertising and public relations which are effectively used to promote Arrowtown as a desirable place to visit and stay.
~  To improve communication and co-operation within the Arrowtown business community and to encourage higher standards of quality in the products, service and hospitality it offers to visitors.
~  To increase the calibre of existing events and to facilitate or attract new events to increase the visitor numbers at specific times of the year.
~  To protect the historical character of Arrowtown.
~  To hold discussions, advise and represent the Arrowtown business community in such matters that are important to attracting visitors to Arrowtown including Arrowtown's historic character, public amenities and services, and any other issues relating to any industry association, historical association, tourist association or government body.
~  To maintain public relations and co-operation with the Arrowtown residential community, Destination Queenstown, Queenstown-Lakes District Council and the wider tourism industry.
~  To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.
~  To use the funds of the Society for, and do all such things as may be incidental or conductive, to the attainment of the foregoing objectives or any of them. Pecuniary gain is not a purpose of the Society.

We are proud to be a Platinum patron sponsor for the Queenstown Trails Trust, supporting their work and involved in the wider role out of the marketing plan for the trails in the Otago region and wider New Zealand.  
The landowners of Millbrook Resort allowed Queenstown Trails to access the grounds and develop the trail via Millbrook Resort.
Gold sponsor of the Arrowtown Autumn Festival annually.
One of the largest employers in the Queenstown-Lakes region.
We go local first whenever we can. Currently our printers, web agency and design agency are all local companies.
Working closely with the local Queenstown Resort College to support the programme of bringing students to Millbrook Resort for work experience.
Providing work placement for students of Cromwell Turf College.  Our Golf Course Superintendent is an assessor for the College for approving the practical skills of its students.

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