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The Coronet Nine is the latest nine and is a big hit with all golfers.

Coronet #5 is the most strategic hole to play and offers multiple options from tee to green. With two different fairways to play it offers the golfer lots of choice.


The Coronet Nine 1st - Par 4
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- A drive up the right opens up the green - but if you want a little more room the left half of the fairway is the spot. Be up with your approach - anything short will probably come back.


Coronet Nine 2nd - Par 3
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- Beware the tier across the middle of the green. If the pins on the left, err short. If it's on the right, there's a little more room right than there at first appears.


Coronet Nine 3rd - Par 4
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- This fairway is quite wide past the bunker, but the left half is much better. If you can't get your second to the green then a lay-up short of the central bunker might be a good option. How brave are you?


Coronet Nine 4th - Par 4
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- Par 4 If you can fly the cross bunker then the left half of the fairway is position A. If the pin is towards the back then a little short of the hole might be sensible.


Coronet Nine 5th - Par 4
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- From the right half of the fairway your approach is slightly longer but the running shot is an option. From the left better to fly your ball all the way.



Coronet Nine 6th - Par 5
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- Which way is the best way? The pin placement on this hole may dictate where you want your second to be. The island fairway is usually best - and a little larger than it appears. But it is an island...


Coronet Nine 7th - Par 3
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- Club selection is vital. The rock wall looks daunting but may act as a backstop. Left is to be avoided.


Coronet Nine 8th - Par 4
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- The pin is the key. Back left or back right and angle is more important than distance from the tee. Unless you think you can drive the green of course...


Coronet Nine 9th - Par 5
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- How brave dare you be? Once your tee shots away, it's the lay-up that tantalises. Closer is better, but accuracy then becomes paramount. Much more room if you lay back shorter - but then there's the water in front of the green!

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