The Remarkables Nine

Enjoy golfing in beautiful Queenstown at Millbrook Resort.


Remarkables 5 is part of the original course and the views from this hole are breathtaking. Make sure you bring your camera if you're playing this one.

Remarkables Nine 1st - Par 5
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- The best line off the tee is close to the fairway bunkers, but unless you can reach the green in two the right half of the fairway is just fine.


Remarkables Nine 2nd - Par 3
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- Take enough club to make the green but avoid going past the pin – this green can be really nasty from behind the hole!


Remarkables Nine 3rd - Par 4
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- The left-hand side of the fairway affords the best look at the green but beware those bunkers.


Remarkables Nine 4th - Par 4
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- As close to the fairway bunkers as you dare – this fairway has a nasty slope from left to right for anything right of centre.


Remarkables Nine 5th - Par 5
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- If you want to attack this green in two then you must drive accurately. Beware the central bunker – the left-to-right slope will gather the ball into the sand.



Remarkables Nine 6th - Par 3
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- What you see is what you get. The middle of the green is never a bad option.


Remarkables Nine 7th - Par 4
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- To go or not to go? If you’re going for the green the central bunker lurks. Maybe a lay-up makes more sense?


Remarkables Nine 8th - Par 4
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- Beware this steeply sloping green. If the pins on the front don’t be long.



Remarkables Nine 9th - Par 4
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- The best line is up the left half, the simplest up the right. But from the right there’s that pesky front bunker.



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